I finally got fucked by a dog

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On vacation at my husband’s family’s house, I found out their dog was unneutered, and my pussy got wet thinking about his doggy cock. So late at night when my husband was asleep I snuck outside to the backyard and started touching the dog’s knot through his sheath. I squeezed and rubbed and jerked him until his knot got bigger. I pushed his sheath back and his giant pink cock came out. I have seen dog dicks in porn but this was my first doggy cock I’ve seen in person. My pussy throbbed with how much I wanted it. His hips started jerking and his cock started leaking cum. I panicked, I didn’t want him to cum yet, I wanted him to fuck me first! I grabbed him and positioned him on top of me while I was on my back. I lifted my hips and tried to get him inside of my wet throbbing pussy. He jerked his hips and humped me, but his slippery cock that was cumming all over my wasn’t going in. Desperate, I rolled over on my hands and knees and tried to get him in my pussy from behind. He humped me furiously but his cock just wouldn’t get inside me. He finally stopped moving and I was disappointed. I had failed. I went to bed unsatisfied.
The next night I knew I had to try again. So I waited until late again while my husband was sleeping. I went back outside and started playing with the dog’s cock again. It didn’t take long for him to get his knot all big and his cock hard. He started to jerk his hips again and I rushed to get him on top of me. On my back again, lifting my hips in the air to his cock in me, I grabbed his knot and put it near my pussy while he was humping desperately. He wanted to fuck me just as much as I wanted him to fuck me. I struggled with him, but finally put my hips in the perfect position for him to slam his giant doggie cock right into my wet hungry pussy. I yelped like a little bitch dog, and he dug his paws into my sides while he fucked me hard. He shoved his doggie dick into my pussy over and over, his knot trying to push into my tight hole, fucking me just like I needed. I gasped and whimpered and panted like a bitch in heat, taking the doggie cock that I was always meant to take. After a quick few minutes, not nearly long enough to satisfy me, he stopped, shoving his cock into me as deep as possible to pump his massive amounts of doggie cum into my pussy. My pussy, pulsating from the pleasure, make loud wet squelching noises as he filled my pussy up and dropped doggie cum out each time my pussy throbbed.